It’s a Boomer World Out There

The Internet is a 1,700,000,000 (1billion700million) user market and somewhere between 75%-85% of  those Internet users are buying online. That is 1,275,000,000 (1billion275million) buyers searching for all  kinds of products and services they cannot live without.

Now, are you ready for this? There are  75,000,000 (75million) boomers.  We are a big market.

It is beyond the scope of this article to describe in detail the vast lifetime achievements of the boomer generation ….the inventions and progress in worldwide commerce, medicine, agriculture, architecture, the arts, space travel, spiritual growth, physical achievements in sports and all of the subcategories in each field.  Boomers rose to the challenges facing them their traveled the frontier that looms all around us seems too difficult to explore when in fact it is .

To a lot of boomers the Internet is a mystery that seems out of their reach to understand much less master.  We are use to mastering anything we want to do in life.  To be older than most of the people on the Internet is rather humbling but we are getting older than most people anyway.  I challenge you to look deeper into this predicament and recall the popular boomer mantra….. “Make Love Not War”….or put another way that is not so 1960’s-ish and apply it to 2010 Internet businesses,  the slogan might be something like ……”Make Friends Not Money” or “Help People Don’t Sell People” or “Build Friendships and They Will Buy.”

A lot of us are still movers and shakers capable of using the power of the Internet to start businesses from our homes.  Some may be challenged by these young whipper-snappers who are already Internet Wiz-Kid Millionaires but here is where the dynamics change. In the brick and mortar business world boomers are wondering how to compete with the younger workers/executives.  But the Internet Universe has a code of honor that is hard to explain but it is wonderful to experience.

Boomers Work From Home On the Internet is our next frontier. Our young friends who are lightyears ahead of us have been marketing products very successfully on the Net.  These young people are very passionate about helping everyone achieve their dreams no matter what age anyone is.

Our idealism of the late 40’s to mid 60’s tempered with the realism we face today gives us perspective .  We “old dogs” can still be “taught new tricks” even as our marching slows to a bongo beat .  I like the bongos.

Working Boomers thrive on building businesses.  We are crushed that our world is in shambles but we are determined to sacrifice and scrimp whatever it takes to soften the blows to our children.  So we know there are plenty of buyers on the Internet for those of us who want to provide products for sale to anyone who can’t live without  them.  It is a win-win situation waiting to happen in these tough economic times…..

So, Let’s Help Each Other Achieve Our Goals in Life and Business.  Would You Join Me On This Journey? Maybe We Are Called To a Higher Purpose Than Just a Chance Meeting On My Blog. You Are Important To Me Because I Believe That Human Beings Meet Certain Other Human Beings When the Time Is Right.

More Later……

Check Back Often and leave me a message below if you’d like to.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

What are you passionate about?

What would help you the most right now?

Talk Soon.

Warm Regards,


PS:  “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”  Nobody Messes With Boomers.



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