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Are Boomers Too Big to Fail?

About Baby Boomers – Are We Too Big to Fail?

"Riding Around Lake Louise, Canada"

Riding Around Lake Louise, Canada

Welcome to “Baby Boomers Work From Home.” Who are Baby Boomers (aka Boomers) anyway? Here’s a hint….Boomer music was and still is the most awesome music. I’m just saying……

We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, there are bigger questions we need to address.  How is this blog going to help you?….. and why should you read any further?

Boomers who stop by here are thinking about or already working from home. They are specifically looking into or already marketing products on the Internet. Our “Boomers Work From Home” blog is the hub of a vastly interconnected system that methodically publishes here, step-by-step, how you can easily make passive income by marketing products online….either your own product or someone else’s.

However, Boomers are generous people and do not like to exclude anyone. That is where the expression “Make Love Not War!” came from.  ( <;

So, if you happen not to be of the Boomer generation but are persuaded to “hang with us Boomers” and work your business from home marketing products online, then come with us. We are headed for lots of passive income and a lot of fun making it. You don’t have to be a Boomer to make money online of course but you do have to care deeply about helping other people succeed in life. Boomers are in the top percentile of wealthy people on earth who give the most money to charity. So don’t get on this train if  you don’t like to help others be successful and we’re pulling out of the station as we speak. Don’t get left behind.  The ball is in your court whether you are a Baby Boomer, Generation X,Y, Z or what ever the statisticians want to waste their time on figuring out. We’re all here to find each other and to give a helping hand to those who need our help.

To be ready for a profitable 2010, below are a few facts to chew on as you ponder and lay out your business and personal plans for this brand new year. I will be posting to our blog on a regular basis to teach you Key Marketing Skills that you need to be very successful IF you put those skills into action.

One of the most liberating things I learned, after much trial and error, is that you do not have to know everything BEFORE you can make some significant $$ online. Come back often and I’ll show you how to make significant income online. When you take action on what we teach, you kick your passive income builder into action. We teach you the game plan and put into your hands proven plays that score big bucks.

Building a team of professional Internet players is vital to long term success for a product you sell as well as for a product you sell for someone else. We are here to help you do just that.

I’m not going to say anything else lest I give away how easy this is and you might think this is a scam.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint then…..

In the first section of this marketing system that I teach, you can access just one of the many ways to make money online that brought in $1,000 in 1 week….but you have tp take action.

“Your assignment….should you decide to take it”…….is to clear your desk and be ready to roll-out your finished product or service or maybe you want to be an affiliate for other people’s products. Any way you want to tackle Internet Marketing and make money online will be served well through my step-by-step “play books.”

You are on the precipice of a “brave new world.” For some of us it is mind-boggling to think of how to even start…..

hint….be sure to check back here often.

For some of you who have been in the “brick & mortar” business for years and just want to branch out to sell your products online, you just need some help launching your products. We specialize in managing product launches.

….I’ve “got’cha covered!!” So check back here often.

Warm Regards,


PS: We specialize in product launches.  If you would like to contact us about launching your products online you can reach me at